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Supernova and then not much else

Apologies for the drought in blog entries. I did indeed make Supernova on Feb 28th. Pretty awesome. Lost money doing it: Not awesome. Well technically I still won money from rakeback / bonuses. The last 2 days of the month were absolutely brutal. Dropped $2500 very quickly. Serious ski jump graphs. I can’t wait to run good for a month now. :)

My plan was to earn 10k VPPs the first 3 days of March and then enjoy my friends company for a long weekend. Well, I basically hadn’t taken a day off since Christmas so I skipped the first 3 days of March. Craig, Chris and Art showed up for the weekend, and we gambled pretty much non-stop, I mean – except for when we were drinking. lol. Craig arrived one night early and we hit O’Shea’s for some Blackjack. Apparently Harrah’s has decided that the recession means players should get screwed so Blackjack no longer pays 3:2, it’s now 6:5. Serious LAMENESS. But to make up for lost money, we got beads instead. Here’s Craig modeling with a super ninja pose, and all of us heading out for the 2nd day. Someone looks a bit tired. :)


As usual after a little warm up blackjack, Art headed straight for the Pussycat Dolls Blackjack tables in Caesar’s. $25 per hand minimum. Craig joined in and soon all 4 of us were at the table. The dealer was pretty good. In the end we actually got her to show us the next card coming off the single deck. That’s always a plus. Of course, she made up for it in tips, and I’m not certain it really helped in the 2 or 3 times we saw it. Afterwards we wondered if perhaps they are allowed to do this to gain more in tips, have people stay longer, etc. But I doubt it.

The other interesting game we played was Blackjack Switch. You get two hands and can switch the top 2 cards. Great advantage to the player so of course they changed the rules: Blackjack only pays even money (ok, no biggie) AND all bets are a push if the dealer busts and has 22. This rule sucks. However, the dealers deal Blackjack 95% of their shift and as we found out most of them don’t remember this new rule and actually pay out when they bust whether they have 22 or not. Advantage player! Between the four of us in a few hours we took several thousand off the casino. Not bad at all.

Craig was going to stay a couple extra days, but his wife called and she went into early labor (a month+ early!). They tried to stop it, but no avail – he was on the first flight out the next morning, and baby arrived about 16 hours after he got home. Crazy! Congrats Craig and Shauna!!!

Ok, so they leave and I’m exhausted, so I don’t play poker for a few more days. This trend continues for a few more days and suddenly it’s March 22nd and I’ve only played 13k hands. To make things even a bit harder I dropped from 200NL to 100NL to work on my post flop game more. My preflop game is doing very well, but I was losing too much money post flop especially when I’m out of position. This is harder because I earn VPPs slower. Instead of about 1 every 2 hands, now it’s 1 every 3 hands. So I have barely over 4k VPPs in March. Time to get my ass in gear.

The good news is that I’m crushing the games so far this month. Winning actually makes it harder to put in long sessions. So I’m hoping to make this week a bigger week in terms of playing. In either case, it’s looking like I’ll just need to earn about 100k VPPs per month for the rest of the year. Vacation? I don’t think so. :)  My other option is to just put in a lot of volume and work on my game, and then go for Supernova Elite next year. But that decision is a ways off yet. Still have plenty of time.