the chase is on…

February is almost over. Where did it go? Oh right, I remember – poker. And lots of it. I’ve played every single day this month. That’s 140 hours and 150k hands (with 18 hours and 20k hands to go in the next 3 days). Wow. Lately I’ve been earning 10k VPPs every 3 days. I’ve started to prefer to play in the mornings, so I’ve altered my sleep schedule to be up a little earlier (like 8-9am). That way by noon I’ve got half my play in for the day.

The past few days have been brutal. I didn’t have the motivation to finish my required 3333 VPPs one day, and finished about 1100 short. So that meant a long day the next day to catch back up. Today until about 1pm I was dealing with our 1 year home warranty work. It wasn’t much but I couldn’t play at all, so I had to crank it out this afternoon and evening. To add to that I decided to return my 2 24” monitors I had bought so I am not able to play as many tables as easily. That will be resolved shortly when my 2nd 30” arrives. :)

In any case, I finished today and crossed the 90k VPP line and purchased my last “Stellar” reward. Stellar rewards are basically free money during the first 90k VPPs ($1000 in total) spaced out in $10, $50, and $100 increments. Next goal is what took all of last year: Supernova. I’ll be there by 9pm on Feb 28th. My plan is to then crank for a few more days until March 4th when Craig, Art, and Chris come to town to live it up Vegas style. I hope to get like 2 hours a day of play in but somehow that will likely not be realistic…unless I don’t sleep at all for four days straight.

Once they leave, I’ll need to earn 3k VPPs per day EVERY day for the rest of the year. Obviously I’ll be earning more than that on some days so I get weekends and holidays, but that’s what it will take to reach Supernova Elite. Sounds crazy. I may well be by the finish line.

In other good news, I’ve been breakeven for my last 50k hands, which is a definite improvement over the learning curve landslide that happened in the end of January and first half of February. Since SNE is worth well over $100k, being breakeven in play is just fine (although I’d obviously like to be winning in play too). But for Year 1 of SNE, breakeven would be perfectly ok with me.


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