Supernova FTW

Finally!!! I made it. The surgery certainly made this a bit more challenging. Not to mention I’m doing other poker related work that needs to be finished up before Jan 4th, so I’ve been pretty busy. I’m ending the year with 100,001 VPPs. I purchased my $800 bonus, and now have glorious red status stars instead of the boring platinum color which I’ve had for a long time. WOO HOO!!!image

In December, I earned 28,691.39 VPPs. Whew. That’s 168,730 hands in 153.18 hours. Whew. The hardest part is that I have been running badly. I think out of the 7 times I got all-in preflop today with pair over pair, I lost 6 of them. Ugh. You definitely see more of this when you play more hands, but lately the odds are running a little short for me lately. Hopefully 2010 will be better!


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