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Supernova FTW

Finally!!! I made it. The surgery certainly made this a bit more challenging. Not to mention I’m doing other poker related work that needs to be finished up before Jan 4th, so I’ve been pretty busy. I’m ending the year with 100,001 VPPs. I purchased my $800 bonus, and now have glorious red status stars instead of the boring platinum color which I’ve had for a long time. WOO HOO!!!image

In December, I earned 28,691.39 VPPs. Whew. That’s 168,730 hands in 153.18 hours. Whew. The hardest part is that I have been running badly. I think out of the 7 times I got all-in preflop today with pair over pair, I lost 6 of them. Ugh. You definitely see more of this when you play more hands, but lately the odds are running a little short for me lately. Hopefully 2010 will be better!


longest day this year

I’m pretty sure today was the longest day I’ve played. After the surgery, I’m trying to do a little catch up. I was easily making 1000 VPPs per day, but missing a few days messed that up. However, today I put in a whopping 9.96 hours, earning 2275 VPPs by playing 12419 hands of poker. Not bad for a guy with three stab wounds in his abdomen. The bad news…I basically lost 7.5 buy-ins doing so.

However, I finally broke under 10k VPPs to go!!! WOO HOO!!! 9686 left. I will make this. And hopefully I’ll still profit in December too. lol

Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday!!!


Appendectomy appendix

Or should I call this the API EPI (as in Appendix Epilogue). Well, the last few days have been quite interesting. On Thursday, I had a normal day, played a lot of poker to get my 1000+ per day VPPs as I’m still on pace for Supernova. I went for a 2.3 mile run during the day – it was like 60 degrees here – very nice. The internet connection went out around 11:30pm so I was watching a few poker videos I had downloaded. Around 1:30am, my stomach felt upset, and I decided to go to bed.

However, I couldn’t fall asleep because it kept hurting. I spent the next 4 hours trying to lay in any possible position I could, walking around the house, wishing I could throw up, and moaning in pain. I finally decided to call the nurse hotline. They said either go in now, or wait a few hours and if it still hurts, then go in. So off to the ER I went.

The ER is only about 3 miles away, but it felt like a cross country road trip to get there. No one else was in the waiting room, and I signed in right away. About ten minutes of waiting and a nurse with a New York accent came out to get me. I walked back and I was feeling worse. She was taking vitals and I asked if I could have a cold rag because I felt like I was going to pass out. She said something like “let me just get these done and then we’ll get you what you need”. Yep, that was her mistake. About 20 seconds later I announced “I’m going to pass out”, my eyes rolled back and I started to pass out. The nurse started rubbing my chest saying “stay with me” with her New York accent dead center in my face. Apparently another nurse walked in, looked at the heart rate monitor and said “Is that his pulse?” Now, I’m no medical professional, but I can only hope she meant that rhetorically given she was looking at a pulse monitor machine.

I’ve passed out a few times before in my life and frankly, it’s not that bad. Actually it’s pretty fantastic. When you wake up 15 seconds later, you feel as if you’ve had a complete night’s sleep. After not having slept in 24 hours at this point, I was all about feeling like I had slept.

Try as they might, I passed out anyway (thankfully – imagine that feeling you get right before you puke – sweaty, icky…now imagine if you just kept feeling that way instead of just throwing up…yeah, I thought you’d want to throw up too. :) ), was transferred to a gurney, and when I awoke, there were 8 people around me (both doctors and nurses). One was shaving spots on my chest for an EKG, others were applying wires, putting in an IV, and attaching me to oxygen and another heart rate monitor.

Apparently my pulse had dropped from 109 or so to 43 when I passed out. Wowsers. I was hooked up to monitors and one of them would beep anytime my pulse dropped below 50. So basically I’d start to fall asleep and this thing would buzz and wake me back up. They eventually lowered the alarm to 40 but that was as low as they would put it.

The nurse then came in and gave me drugs. I don’t know about you but I’m not really a fan of doctors, dentists, hospitals, drugs…you name it. I’ve never had any hardcore drugs…until now. She told me what she was giving me, one was for nausea. I said I wasn’t nauseous, and she said “you will be with the morphine”. She said the morphine would tense me up for a little and then make my body feel heavy. In it went, and sure enough…tense for about 15 seconds, and then it literally felt as if every square inch of my body was being pressed into the bed by elephants. Forceful elephants at that. I couldn’t lift my head off the bed. Very interesting sensation.

The other thing I had to do was drink about a liter of cranberry juice mixed with something that would show up in the CAT scan I was scheduled for in about an hour. It tasted fine and was easy to do. Off to the CAT scan. She did two test runs and then said she was going to inject Iodine. Time for more strange sensations. She said this one would feel cold and then I’d feel warm all over. She got the first part right. And I suppose I did feel warm all over, but primarily I just felt like I was peeing all over myself. I’d have bet money on it. But after the scan, I was indeed still dry. Whew. I mean, come on, passing out and peeing yourself in one day…that’s just overkill.

Back down to the room to wait I went. We waited quite a while, and I tried to stand up to use the bathroom (which at this point is a plastic container). Ever try to pee laying down – it’s not as easy as it sounds. However, standing up, I almost passed out again. Made it back into the bed with about 3 seconds to spare as the alarm started blaring and my pulse once again dropped to the 40’s.

Finally the doctor comes in. “Well, it’s not your appendix.” My thoughts went something like this “Fantastic – no surgery. Wait. Shit. Is it something worse?” He basically said it was a virus and that was that. Ok. However, I hear him out on the phone using my name talking to the radiologist. Ten minutes later he comes in and says “Actually, something didn’t feel right so I took another look and it’s definitely swollen, so it needs to come out.” WHOA! Gee thanks for making sure before you tell me. I hope this isn’t a frequent occurrence for him.

They call the surgeon and I wait. Transfer person (read: dumb blond who yells on her cell phone and has no regard for caring of patients) comes to get me and moves me to the OR waiting area. Well, after I was taken to the wrong place on her first try. Like, duh. The nurse comes in, asks me to sign papers, then comes back and has me sign them again as they had the wrong doctor doing my surgery. (I sure hope whoever does the surgery does the RIGHT surgery. Sheesh.) Finally the surgeon arrives, talks to me for 5 seconds, and then into the operating room I go. In goes the general anesthetic, and I am out. No memory until…

I feel two nurses holding me down and all I want to do is turn over because my neck is killing me. Apparently I had a death grip on one of them. I slowly come to and get some ice chips. The nurse is basically trying to get me out of the hospital as fast as possible which I thought was a bit strange. As it turns out I was right. I was supposed to be checked by another doctor before I left who called me at home and is filing an investigation and taking it to the CEO.

So I head home – quite the painful bumpy road. Getting the prescription filled is even more complicated as it’s not completely filled out. Back to the hospital – the nurse says she can’t do anything, then just writes in the prescription. Back to the pharmacy and obviously they won’t accept it (breaking the law if they did). Back to the hospital to have a “discussion” with the nurse which ends with the nurse finally giving up the doctor’s cell phone and then back to the pharmacy to get it filled. Enjoy your job while you have one Mrs. Nurse. It won’t be long.

Back home and I’m doing okay, except my neck and shoulders have a ton of pain which doesn’t make sense to me. Oh, and it burns when I pee. Things they didn’t tell me: You’ll have a catheter in during the surgery; and we blow air into your stomach to inflate it so we can see the appendix better. This air will sometimes irritate the nerves and cause pain in your neck and shoulders. Gee, that’s great to know…a little late though.

Oh, and did I mention that I have an awkward looking half shaven chest with what appears to be 3 stab wounds? I was going to post the pic…but thought I’d just describe it in case you are eating lunch. I’ll have to make up a pretty good story to explain this one the next time I’m on a beach somewhere.


Down to the wire

Well, it’s been a brutal week. My graph is full of spikes. As soon as I win a buy-in, I proceed to lose it back. Last night, literally seconds apart. AA vs. KK all-in preflop and my Aces hold (first time all day unfortunately). On another table, I have 88 and the flop is 478. We get it all in on the flop and he of course has 56, and the board doesn’t pair. I ended up basically breakeven for the day, but it was pretty wearing. I played almost 10k hands and knocked off 1472 VPPs, which puts me back on my 1k/day pace (less than 15k left to go!!!).


Less than 25k to go!!!

I just officially passed under 25,000 VPPs to go. WOO HOO!!!


November report

Well, my first month of 50NL is over. And I’m up almost 21 buy-ins at the new limit!!! It started out with about a 20k hand breakeven stretch, which definitely doesn’t help motivate me to play. After that I gained momentum and had a steady climb for the entire month, which was great. This month actually pulled me out of the negative cash game hole I’d been in for the year. Finally. (Most of my winnings were from tourneys in the early part of the year.)

Here’s the graph of my month. If you look closely, you’ll see a lot of stretches that are breakeven followed by some fast climbs, only to breakeven again for a while. Variance definitely has some to do with this, but me not winning enough in hands that don’t go to showdown is also a culprit. I’m working on it.


In other news, I decided about ten days ago to go for Supernova. This entails earning 100,000 VPPs (player points). At the limit I’m playing, I earn one about every 5-6 hands I play. Thankfully I have already earned about 65k when I started. It’s basically a 1k a day grind from here to the end of the year, which is currently taking 6-8 hours per day. Every day. I’ve been pushing a little the last week to give myself a few days off (oh gee, like Christmas and New Years maybe :) ). As of right now, I have 25,572 left to earn.

My first day of December really sucked. In the first 30 minutes of play, I ran JJ into KK twice on boards with undercards. Then I flopped two sets, but my opponents both turned straights, then KK vs. QQ all in and Q hits the river, then KK into AA. Yuck. You can see I held it together for the most part after that, but it was a depressing day. Nothing like finishing a great month and then losing big to start the month, especially when I’m having to put in so many hours. This is the downside of Supernova – you can’t stop playing when you normally would. However, my second day of the month started great. I was up more than I had lost after my first two hours, but lost some of it back through the rest of the day. That felt much better.


Because I’m putting in so much volume (basically 18 tabling a lot of the day), I won’t be able to focus on improving my game as much as I have been, however, when January arrives, I’m going right back to fewer tables and getting better so I can move up in limits again. Or at least get my red line to breakeven all the time instead of being a ski slope. :)

Back to the tables…