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the missing blog entry

I guess I’m like Brian from Family Guy with my blog…

”Still workin’ on that novel? how’s it coming?” – Stewie

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve blogged. (Is anyone still checking – if you are post a comment.) A lot has happened. The Cargile’s and van Rader’s came to visit. I had a great time with both of them. It was sad to see the van Rader’s leave as they are heading back to Aussie-land for good. They were here 8 years and are now returning to “home”…although I bet it doesn’t feel like home yet.

There was a big ass rainstorm here and 19 of my windows leaked. Water running down the walls. Never good. Hopefully they are fixed. Won’t really know until it rains that hard again. I think it was 2 inches in 30 minutes. Can you say Flash Flood?

Speaking of weather, my home town was hit with a huge hailstorm. Every building in town has damage – severe damage. Siding torn off or holes everywhere, roofs all need repair/replacement, windows broken, cars destroyed. The hail was baseball size and bigger. Apparently it sounded like the houses were being bombed. Check out this video of the storm. (You have to click VIDEO at the top, and then MENU (bottom right), and then it’s the fifth video over “Hail Storm V…”). Watch the three minutes – it’s crazy.

Ah yes, for those of you that play XBOX. I finally went back and finished the Braid speed run. Pretty fun. And the Splosion Man arcade game rocked. New game called Trials HD is a motorcycle physics based game. I didn’t think it would be good, but it is, and I bought it. Check it out.

And finally, this is a poker blog…so my update on poker is this: Luck sucks. I’ve been stuck in an “unlucky” place for 3 months now. It’s part of the game, but I’m sure awaiting the arrival of the “evening out” phase. I hope it doesn’t take 10 years to come. (BTW, this isn’t just me feeling unlucky – it’s me graphing my expected value from my online play to see what the odds dictate I should have won vs. my actual winnings. It’s off by a lot.)

I’m being smart about it. I didn’t play in any WSOP events, I’ve dropped limits online, and I’ve been working to really improve my game. I joined It’s a poker site with instructors, videos, etc, and it’s already helped my game. After I make it through the videos, I will likely get a mentor / coach from the site. I’m currently back to focusing on cash games online, and am again reconsidering going for Supernova Elite next year.

I’ve been running still, but am holding steady after losing 20lbs. Time to go back to fruit and not ice cream. I did eat 2 servings of applesauce and an apple today. Although I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s tonight. Does that cancel out?