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May and June are over!!!

Thank God. These last two months have been brutal. I’ve lost money overall in both months. That’s never fun. Just one of those things…but it’s also made me look at my play in more detail to see where I can improve. I started using a HUD (Heads Up Display) which shows me stats of the people I’m playing against online. It will show me things like how many hands they play, how many hands they raise, etc. Most serious online players are using one. In any case, that’s been helping, but there is really not a lot of help for getting all in with the best hand and losing. It’s just the luck side of the coin and it will even out in the long term. (Hopefully the “long term” is sometime this month. :) )

I took a look at a graph of my winnings vs. my EV winnings (expected value). The EV shows the % of the pot I should win given an all-in situation. For example, AA vs. KK, AA will win ~81% of the time, so if everything went in preflop, my EV winnings would be 81% of the pot. Well, my EV winnings line is over 1000 big blinds higher than my actual winnings line. That’s a sizeable chunk of bad luck.

I’ve also been trying to decide what I will focus on in July. Short stacking NL2/4, getting 100k VPPs, playing the $20 DON’s or something else. Unfortunately it’s July and I haven’t decided. I’d really like to see a profitable month – that’s for sure.

On the rest of life, I gotten part of our shutters installed but am still waiting for these guys to get everything right. Highly annoying. The 90 day warranty is complete with the exception of some loud banging noises in the A/C. Of course, when the tech is here, it’s silent. I expected nothing less. Other than that, and a window that is being replaced today, and a refrigerator repair that is also today, I’m pretty much done with the “house stuff”. It will be great to have this all done – if the shutters ever get done.

I’ve also slowly been working my way through the “Gigabet” challenge. You start with $165 and play 100 tourneys at the $11, $22, $33, $55, $109, and $215 levels. You are starting with only 15 buy-ins which is really short. A friend of mine did this and made it half way through the $20 buy-ins before going broke. I’m only 28 tourneys in and am down about $60 so far. I’ve yet to take a 1st place, but have 8 2nds to my name. It’s time for some winners.