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Hitting the strip hard with Art and Craig

Yes, it’s been a while since a blog post. Apologies. However, I meant to write this one on Monday evening after Craig and Art left. That didn’t work out since my eyelids were being pulled down by unbeatable forces. Rewind 52 hours…

I picked up the two hoodlums at the airport around 11am on Saturday they were in jeans – lol – it was like 80 degrees soon to be 90+. We headed back to the house and wasted no time before the beer was flowing. A few hours of catching up and the gambling itch was too much for them to take. So off to lunch and then straight to the strip.

We started at the Bellagio finding an empty $10 blackjack table. Craig likes 1st base, Art 3rd and I don’t really care so I sat in the middle. We found a cocktail waitress and the weekend was off! I bought in for $200 and lost the first 12 hands in a row. Seriously – come on – you just can’t have 14 every time. I finally won a hand and then lost another 7 in a row. I was down to 25 bucks and pissed off. :) I pushed it all out there and won my 2nd hand! Somehow I managed to work my 25 back up to $200 and then I stopped. Even always feels good after being down to almost nothing. Craig and Art weren’t so lucky; at least they had good scotch.


We then headed to the poker room. The Bellagio now has 1/2 NL. They pretty much refused to do this before, but I think the economy forced their hand. It happened to be the weekend of a WPT main event, so every pro you see on TV imaginable was there. Doyle, Juanda, Ivey, Cunningham, Farha, Elezra…the list goes on and on. I sat at 2/5 and Art and Craig sat at 1/2. Art was one table over from me, but Craig had disappeared – turns out he was in the back corner. I wasn’t getting many cards and finally found AQ. There was a maniac at the table who had been raising every hand, straddling every round and pushing people around. I recognized him but didn’t know why. He straddled and I raised with my AQ to $40. He re-raises to $120. I had a little less than $300 and flat called. The flop was KQx. He pushed all in and I insta-called. Given his prior history I’m still happy with this call…however I might have just folded preflop next time. He showed AK. Blah.

I looked over at Art and he had lost half his chips. We’ll come back to this later.

I then found ATs. Someone raised and I smooth called. Flop was A44. I figured I had the best hand. He bet, I called. The turn was a 9. He checked, I bet, he called. River was an A. He bet $30. And then I make a HUGE mistake – I raise to $100. He thinks, and then raises to $320. I called like a donkey and he showed me exactly what I thought he had: A9 for the better full house. Terrible raise by me.

However, I look back at Art and he pumps his muscles in the air. His stack has almost tripled and he’s PUMPED. He comes over to tell me he “just took $300 off these two guys at his table”. Awesome. Really awesome – since apparently every time Art has played live poker other than the home game, he’s lost…so it’s super cool he’s winning now.

Back to my fortunate table. A new guy sits down in the big blind. I get AK and raise from the button. He calls. The flop is KJ9 with 2 clubs. I bet and he raises after quite a bit of thought. After calling his raise I would only have about $120 left so I pushed all in after some thought. Now he really starts thinking and saying things like “I didn’t want to get cards on the first hand”. He finally calls and shows me AA. Ugh. Not my day.

I pack it in down $800 for the day, while Art was up several hundred. Craig didn’t fare well either as the weekend would have it for him – his luck just never got started.

We left the poker room and went to Caesar’s. It was midnight and we were headed to Sushi Roku, but after the super long walk to get there, it was closed. Seriously? It’s Vegas and all the food closes in the casinos at 11pm. WTF? We found the 24 hour pizza station and enjoyed some grease.

Craig and I started playing double up video poker. I managed to make $50 and Craig managed to get really frustrated. :) But I actually think he liked it and just won’t admit it. Art denied us his company and instead hit the Pussy Cat Dolls blackjack. If you’ve never seen this, there are barely clothed women dancing on two poles in the background and the dealers are all dressed about the same. He sat at a $25 minimum table and as we walked over, he was up $400 or so and clearly enjoying himself and the view. :) Awesome!!! Craig and I went to play poker in Caesar’s so Art could take more of the casino’s money.


We both decide to sit at 1/3 NL as there are open seats. We want to sit together, however some strange man takes Craig’s seat while he’s getting his money. No worries…thirty minutes later I would exact revenge and bust him. Bye bye – don’t mess with my friends.

For some reason I just don’t like this poker room. I never really have. Craig had the same feeling and I left a few dollars ahead but didn’t really have fun, other than the hot chocolate is awesome there. We headed back out to see Art (as it was approaching 4:30am). He was up over $2000 now. The dealer (aka Dominatrix) was basically playing his cards for him. I’m honestly not sure if she knew what her down card was and was trying to help Art win or what. It was a bit strange from a casino point of view. And with the exception of being nice to Art, the dealer was a bitch. I made some joke to Art and she pipes back “You talking smack? Say it to my face.” Whoa – slow down there. So we finally peeled Art from the table. Apparently he tried to tip the dealer $200 but she wouldn’t take it. This is very odd to me.

We drove home as the sun was just rising, and slept for a few hours.

On four hours of sleep, we managed to play some XBOX (thanks Craig for the new addicting game). Then it was time for a slice of ice cream birthday cake, a beer, and off to lunch.

The second day we wanted to start with some blackjack fun…so we headed to O’Shea’s. This is like a frat party bar only it’s a casino. They have legitimate beer pong tables ( Craig and I decided we’d play. The downside – you can only play with Miller Lite. If you don’t know beer pong, it’s 10 glasses with a pitcher of beer divided between them. You set them up on a table like bowling pins and then try to toss ping pong balls into the glasses on your opponent’s end. If you get one in, they have to drink the beer. We agreed that the loser would drink the rest of the winner’s glasses as well. I nailed two on my first turn and thought this would be cake. Craig returned the favor and the game was on! In the end it came down to one glass vs. one glass and I got lucky and hit his first. Surprisingly the beer was good – I think it helped that it was super cold.

CraigThrowBrianThrowBeerPong1  BrianBeerPong

We then sat down to play blackjack. O’Shea’s is a fun casino in that everyone is having a honest good time. They have $5 tables and we each bought for $200. We had three very fun dealers – one of them made us yell “Winner winner lobster dinner” instead of the usual chicken. She said people she doesn’t know will now say that to her so if you hear it, now you know where it’s from.

Dealer shift change. Up walks this guy, doesn’t say a word, and like 20 minutes later we’re all broke. That definitely spoiled the mood. So we headed back to Sushi Roku while it was open to have some dinner (although it was already like 7pm or so). Some great sushi and then back to Bellagio for more poker. Art busted quickly and left to try and find his way back to his Dominatrix. Craig and I played here for the rest of the night. Art wasn’t sure how to get back and we were texting. When he finally arrived the text I got was “At Pussy Doll BJ”. ROFLMAO. I’m never deleting that one.

I was again sitting at 2/5 and was in for $800 and over the course of many hours managed to lose my way down to $85. The worst one was flopping the nut straight, betting and getting called by a gutshot straight draw which hit on the turn. I lost my stack there. At $85, I was a little frustrated and re-raised preflop with A5s hearts. I got called, as expected and he showed JJ. I runner runnered a straight. Double up! I then doubled up again, and again. I was back to my $800. I left after many hours down only about $200.

Art finally returned from his blackjack fun, which was a little less fun from losing some of the money back, and then played more blackjack in Bellagio. Around 4am I asked if Craig wanted to go, and he wanted to stay…so finally at 6am we walked outside to the sun already up. The drive home hit rush hour traffic (which seems odd when you haven’t been to bed yet). We got home and crashed…but it didn’t last long. This would be the Monday they decided to dig the trenches for the foundations of the homes being built behind mine. Imagine a HUGE rototiller that squeaks so loudly that it was impossible to even think. So after 3 hours, we were back to XBOX. And Art was back to the morning beer. :) We hung out at the house, had lunch and then back to the airport so they could catch their flight.

Overall, an awesome time. Thanks to Art and Craig for making the trek for my birthday weekend! We’ll definitely have to do this again soon.

CraigArt 004


Tofu or not tofu

I was reading the newsworthy stories online this morning when I came across yet another DMV denied license plate. This one was from Colorado. The woman was apparently vegan and tofu was a staple of her diet. So she submitted and was denied for this license plate:

tofu If you’re not laughing, read it again. She argued that they misinterpreted her message. Um, duh. Just like most other people would reading it. I’m pretty sure she’d get a new license plate after about a month if they let her have this one anyway given all the obscene gestures and perverts following her around she would get.

Top notch news coverage.


Start like a lion, end like a lamb

And be a lame duck in the middle of the month. March is over and as you can tell I’m even slow at getting the month end results posted. Most of the blame for that is the new house. I only managed to play about 52 hours of cash and 24 hours of tourneys (some of that is double counted time so it’s really less). I started the month by crushing the cash games, but then hit a tough streak and only managed to win a little more than $450, while I took down over $900 at tourneys. This sucks for a regular month, but this was no regular month due to the fact that as soon as I got the keys to the house I didn’t play any poker for 9 days.

So year-to-date, I’ve made about what I need to regularly make in one month. That sounds like bad news, but it really isn’t. I’ve only played 114 hours of cash games and 89 hours of tourneys (again some of this is overlapped), so I’m right about on par for where I expected to start out if I’m working a 40ish hour week. I also expect my win rate to go up slightly as I really start playing full time.

Craig and Art are venturing my way for my 35th birthday in a couple weeks, so that will be an awesome eating, drinking, gambling (and pinball museum for Art :) ) time. It’ll be great to have them here. Better brush up on your Guitar Hero Metallica boys. :)