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Tulalip with Panos

Saturday night Panos and I went to the Tulalip Casino – known affectionately as "The Lip". Panos was later than expected so I got a chance to work out before we went, which likely helped me stay awake until we finally called it quits around 3am. The best news of the day was that the buy-in limits have changed at the Lip. The 100-200 game is now 100-300 buy-in with 3/5 blinds, the 300-500 game is now 300-1000 with 5/10 blinds and there is a new high limit which they didn’t even get running with 1000-2500 with 10/20 blinds. Except for the small game you can actually start with 100 Big Blinds in your stack finally. Wow – what a concept for a casino to catch onto.
Anyway, I was determined to play my best as I’m on the road to being a pro. I did some visualizations of myself winning before I went and had a game plan for focusing on everyone at the table and figuring out the type of player they were, how they were betting, and when I could take advantage of that.
Being a Saturday night, my table was full of donkeys. There were 2 good players, one 2 seats to my right (fine), and the other on my left (not so fine as it turns out). I bought in for $300, and in one of my first hands limped in with 32s clubs. The board came with 2 clubs and was checked to me. I bet out figuring I’d conceal my hand if I made the flush. Turn was a club. I bet $35 and Seat 1 raised all in for about $150. I figured I’d concealed my hand and figured he had turned two pair and called. Of course I was beat by the higher flush. Ugh. If I would have raised preflop, he would have likely folded his J8s. Moving on…I buy in for $200 more.
A few hands later everyone folds to me with Q9s spades in the cutoff. I raise to $15 hoping to take down the blinds. The flush boy from earlier pops it to $50. I give him a bit too much credit as a decent player and figure he’s popping me because I’m trying to steal. Flop comes king high with one spade. He checks to me, I check praying for my gut shot to hit or at least another spade. Turn is a King. He bets $75. I pretty much feel the spade coming (even though this is a terrible call), and make the revenge call. River is a beatiful spade, although if he has KJ, he now has a boat, which would suck. He puts me all in and I quickly call. He has AK for trip kings and I have runner runner flush. Whew. I’m back to my original buy-in of $500 plus a whopping extra five bucks.
I worked my way to about $700+ playing really great poker, reading people. I then was dealt KK, raised to $20. The guy to my left flat calls. (You’ll see why this seems either crazy or a great play later – could be considered both.) Flop comes 653 with flush draw possible. I bet $55 and start talking about having a good hand. He didn’t call quickly so I figure him to fold or at least if he calls I figure he’s drawing pretty dead to me with QQ, JJ, TT, 99 or such. Turn is another 6. I push all in and he thinks for a little and calls for the rest of his chips. I ask him if he has Aces, he says yes; and frankly I don’t believe him – I actually asked him again before he turned over his cards. So he doubles up through me and I have to work my way back up. That took me down to $400, and I worked all the way back up to $856 after moving to the main game where "The New Mouth" was playing. He didn’t shut up for more than 3 seconds…talking about poker or whores and how he can get you some. Panos said he was a good player (as he had been at that table longer than I had). I’m not sure, but he didn’t end up with my chips.
We’re going again on Wednesday so more to look forward too.

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II released last week, and well – that’s why there aren’t many entries in my blog. I also found a web site that allows me to keep scores and in my ultra-competitive mode that has driven some renewed excitement about GH1…trying to get through the songs without missing any notes. I spent probably 6 hours on Sunday playing and am now through Medium with all 5 stars (which really wasn’t hard), but I’ve seen some videos of expert mode that look INSANE. We’ll see.
Angie and I went bowling with Christina and Dustan (Justin at the bowling lanes :) ). We had a good time and I bowled pretty well – 181 and 159. Not bad for not bowling in over a year. Then we went back to our house and played guitar hero. Christina went out and bought a PS2 and GH2 after playing it. That’s awesome.
Big time fun playing Freebird as the encore at Stonehenge. Always more fun when Angie’s watching. :)